Crystal Kingdom



Crystal Kingdom is a beautiful picture book designed to help children transform energy levels and to help with healing and finding love.

The Crystal Kingdom story was inspired by the beautiful subtle healing energy frequencies that crystals emit. The gentle vibration from the crystals amplifies the healing process and are popular and in complementary therapies and have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes, as recorded in the bible and Chinese medical texts.

We all emit vibrations – high when we’re stressed or low when we’re feeling sad. Crystals have the effect of balancing the vibrations in the body or the environment and encourage a renewed sense of calm and well-being.

Donia Youssef a wonderful successful children’s book author and producer of the Monster series books and films and Bernice Robinson whose passion as a Reiki Master Practitioner, Energy Healer, Sound, Crystal and Holistic expert brought together their unique abilities to create this magical story of two young children named Jack & Charlotte.

This wonderful heartfelt children’s story describes how Jacks’ mum becomes poorly and he goes on a journey to find a cure, he disappears and Charlotte his friend takes centre stage on her journey to find Jack and bring him home.

They discover the magical Crystal Kingdom and the hunt for the healing crystals that they can take home to help Jacks’ mum’s healing process.

The beauty of this story, is to gently explain how young children in their darkest hours of sadness or illness whether it be themselves, their parents, families or friends is to never give up hope. Eliminating fear and understanding the mind to keep positive is so important, along with sharing compassion, hope, acceptance, and belief in the power to heal and love.


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