Monster World Studios

Monster World Studios is a dynamic production company offering a comprehensive range of services, with a particular focus on creating content that not only entertains but also carries deep meaning and raises awareness on important life topics. We specialize in the production of films, television shows, and animations, delivering high-quality content that resonates with audiences and fosters thought and conversation.

Our dedicated teams of professionals collaborate closely with writers, directors, producers, and other experts to develop engaging and impactful content. From scripts that tackle complex issues to animations that bring difficult topics to life in relatable ways, every production is approached with a commitment to authenticity and empathy.

Our film and television productions are tailored to accommodate any budget or specific requirement. From blockbuster movies and TV series that reflect societal challenges, to short films and web series that provoke thought and discussion, our team brings experience in crafting productions of all scales. We also have extensive experience in producing animations, ranging from 2D and 3D animations to cutting-edge motion graphics, all with a focus on meaningful storytelling.

At Monster World Studios, we’re passionate about creating content that captivates audiences, delivers an unforgettable experience, and contributes to important conversations. We are committed to bringing stories to life, sharing them with the world, and using the power of media to shed light on significant life topics.


Film & TV

Sadie and the Groove

Sadie and the Groove is a gorgeous and gentle story that will help children suffering from grief and loss.

Rosie The Rapper And Friends

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The Monster in Mummy

Just after she celebrated her 39th birthday, Donia had to face heart breaking news and the challenge to tell her children age 2yrs and 5yrs old that she was diagnosed with cancer.

Monster in Wonderland

Monster in Wonderland is designed to help children when one of their family is facing cancer.

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