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Donia Youssef is a figure in the entertainment industry whose journey is defined by resilience and empathy. Born in London in 1978, and raised in the Middle East, she later pursued her education in the UK. Influenced by her mother, an English teacher, and her father, a Consultant Anaesthetist from Cairo, Donia's path was shaped by strong family values of education and career advancement. Her uncle, Sir John Battle, a former British Labour Party politician, also played a role in nurturing her philanthropic spirit

Donia has worn many hats: entrepreneur, award-winning acting agent, film producer, philanthropist, and author. Her life took a challenging turn when she was diagnosed with breast cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes. Determined not to let this defeat her, she channelled her experience into writing "The Monster in Mummy," a book aimed at helping parents discuss cancer diagnoses with their children. This book won the 2018 London Authors Award, became an Amazon bestseller, and led to her being the first author in the UK to hold a book signing at Hamleys store.

Her passion for storytelling and helping others inspired the creation of Monster Publishing & Productions Ltd, a company dedicated to supporting cancer patients and charities. Donia also founded Wonder Talent Agency & Tiny Angels, providing opportunities for aspiring talents in the entertainment industry.
Donia’s talents have been widely recognized, winning 86 global festivals for her screenwriting. She also serves as a judge for various festivals, including the Page Turners Awards and the New York Film Festival. Her dedication extends beyond her professional life; she was honoured with the Mother of the Year award at the prestigious Landmark Hotel in London 2024. Additionally, she has been shortlisted for the Creative Entrepreneur of the Year 2024 award.
Despite ongoing cancer treatment, Donia continues to live life to the fullest, advocating for perseverance and hope. Her story is a testament to the human spirit, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, it’s possible to turn trauma into power and inspire others.

Donia Youssef

The Mission

Donia Youssef is on a mission to make real change in the world. After she released her first book and got more deeply involved with various cancer charities and organisations, other cancer survivors contacted her to share their stories of courage and resilience. Sadly, many of these individuals feel unheard and unseen by society, despite the immense strength they gain from simply facing this difficult challenge. Donia, humbly takes on the task of bringing these uplifting accounts to light, hoping to make us all more aware that behind every diagnosis stands a real person, filled with resilience and greatness. Through her effort in raising awareness, she provides an inspiring hope for those who are struggling against cancer and mental health, ultimately reminding us the power of human courage and strength.

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