Donia Youssef

Donia Youssef, an award-winning author, screenwriter and visionary, is a formidable presence in the literary world. Her affection for storytelling sparked a journey into literature that led to a wealth of narratives, deeply impacting her audience. Her portfolio, brimming with over 30 award-winning works, testifies to her versatility and passionate writing. Each genre she ventures into is imbued with her unique voice and perspective, leaving a lasting impression. See more

Donia Youssef

Interview | Jun 11, 2024

DIFF : What does “independent filmmaking” mean to you?

Donia  : Independent filmmaking, to me, is about the pure joy of creation. It’s the freedom to tell stories that resonate deeply with me, stories that might not fit into the…..

Live on GB news ❤️‍🩹

With Dawn Neesom , on how to break the devastating news of a cancer diagnosis to young children.

International Women’s Day celebrated alongside UpliftHER and World VFX Day.

UpliftHER and World VFX Day have collaborated to host a series of discussions for International Women’s Day, shedding light on various issues and advancements concerning women in the creative industry and beyond.UpliftHER and World VFX Day have j

🌟 Big News Alert! 🌟

For anyone who missed the incredible moment on GB News, not only did we have an amazing interview with Peter Andre, but they also announced my nomination! 🏆🎉 Here’s the full version of the show for you to catch up on all the exciting details. Dive into the conversation with Peter and share in the excitement of my nomination. We hope you enjoy every moment and feel as honored and thrilled as I do! 🌈💬
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Donia Youssef

Interview |

Donia Youssef is a respected figure in the entertainment industry, known for her myriad roles as an entrepreneur, award-winning film producer, author, acting agent, writer, and philanthropist. With roots in London and…