Stretchy Rosie: A True Tale of a Sausage Dog Whose Legs Grew and Grew!



Join Rosie the sausage dog and her best friend Betty in a heartwarming tale of growth, laughter, and the beauty of being unique. “Stretchy Rosie: Embracing Differences” is a delightful story that celebrates the magic of friendship and the joy of discovering one’s own special qualities.

In the lush green corners of Waggleton, a surprise awaits Rosie when she wakes up one morning to find her legs have grown incredibly long! At first, Rosie feels out of place among her fellow pups and worries about how she’ll fit in. But with the help of her loving and imaginative friend Betty, Rosie learns to embrace her newfound stature.

This picture book brings to life the adventures of a dachshund who stands out from the rest and a little girl with a big heart, ready to show the world that it’s our differences that make life so exciting. Together, they find fun in every situation and teach their friends in Waggleton that what makes us different makes us special.


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