Posted on December 15th, 2022.

A FORMER anti-vaxxer who avoided getting jabbed because she feared it could trigger a relapse of her cancer is now urging Brits to get vaccinated.

Breast cancer survivor Donia Youssef, 43, blamed scare stories on social media for not having the jab.

Her anaesthetist dad and former nurse mum did their best to persuade her to have the vaccine — but she only changed her mind after her unjabbed partner Thomas, 43, became seriously ill with Covid.

Donia, of Grays, Essex, said: “There were all sorts of stories about how it affects your DNA and I felt vulnerable as I have mutations which make me vulnerable to cancer.

“There were posts saying the vaccines clone your DNA and can change it.”

The mum of two said of her partner’s illness: “He was suffering. Seeing it first hand was a turning point for me.”

Despite fearing side effects like blood clots, she is now triple-jabbed.

Donia added: “There is so much information and disinformation it is difficult, but it is best we get vaccinated and play our part to help each other.”